This is a free turn-based strategy game for those who wanna control the streets, collect protection money, dominate a city or country, create gangs and much more!

The main basis of the game is to get to the top! When first starting out, scouting is the safest thing to do. Use about 5-10 turns each time. Keep your happiness levels up, or else your units will start to leave you. Glocks are the best for a starter, when u can afford it go straight up to AK's. Cars can make a difference while attacking or being attacked best car to get, of course, is the BMW 5 series but if u cant afford it go with the next best for you. Join a cartel to get some protection, make sure the cartel pay isn't too high, or you cant build up because all your money is going to the cartel. The last thing to remember is try everything in the game!! If you don't like the city you're in, leave! If you aren't making enough money try other ways to get money (attack someone in your range). There are other ways also to get easy money you just need to find them.


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